2016 Registration and Season Tips

Posted: Mar 22, 2016

The First rounds of the 2016 IKF Region 6  NW Gold Cup Series are less than two weeks away Starting April 1-3. The Southern Oregon Karters are working hard to get everything in place and ready to go for the season opener.

Thanks to our sponsors MG Tires, CMC, Kartr-O-Rama, Blackstar Motorsports, Briggs and Stratton along with all of the business and clubs  who help in making this series a continuing success.


As with the beginning of every season several items of paperwork need to be completed when registering. We added some updates to the NW Gold Cup Website to help you get prepared for the Event. 

To help make the registration que go faster and more convenient for all we suggest to have the following items ready when registering. We also added a couple of general notes to help all at the first event of the season.

1. IKF membership is required for all of the NW Gold Cup Events. Please have your IKF membership card with you at registration. If, unfortunately you don’t have a current membership, it will be required to join at least for the event.

2. Minors release. Since it is the First race of the season we will ask for your fill a minors release for all minors in your family. IF you are hosting a non-family minor, a copy of a notarized guardianship is required. There is a sample of a guardianship release on our links. The club is in process to find a notary to be at the track during the event.

3. Registration forms. There is a link on the website to download and print a registration form. IF you can have it filled out and ready it will greatly reduce your and fellow racers que time at registration.


4. Transponder Number. Please have your transponder number ready to be presented to the registration desk. There is a place on the registration form to fill it in. If you do not have a transponder the Club will have some available for rent. The fee for this event is $20.00.

5. IF you are intending to run in the Pro portion of the  World Formula class please have the additional entry fee available in cash.

6. Spec gas for the Rotax classes will be pump 92 from the  Union 76 7640 Crater Lake Hwy, White City, OR 97503. For all other classes non oxygenated fuel is required.  The Union 76 station also sells non ethanol pump gas which is the recommended fuel for all of the 4 cycle classes.  The station also sells 110 octane race fuel  which is suitable for the Shifter classes.

We look forward to the start of the 2016 season and some great racing in the Northwest.