IKF/Briggs & Stratton announce"Road To The Nationals"

Posted: Mar 29, 2014

Release Date 3/28/14 Compliments of:
We’re pleased to announce the BRIGGS BUCKS Program for 2014!
Rewards in racing come in many forms, and this voucher program extends to both club & regional participants. Briggs is truly supporting the dream of winning a DUFFY, while competing at an IKF Grand National event in 2014.
1. BRIGGS BUCKS to be used to offset Grand National entry fees for 2014
2. BRIGGS BUCKS used to cover up to (1) class at the 2014 Sprint Grand Nationals
3. All 4 cycle Briggs-powered junior classes, along with adult LO206 classes eligible
4. Awarded Vouchers redeemable at 2014 Grands registration
5. IKF will maintain a running list of participants, and post winners on the IKF website
6. A BRIGGS BONUS POINT will be awarded to racers running on IKF-insured tracks, for that event
7. Up to a total of 27 junior racers will be awarded vouchers
8. Up to a total of 27 adult racers will be awarded vouchers
“BRIGGS BUCKS” qualifiers must meet the following outline to be eligible:
1. Racer MUST be a member-in-good-standing (current) with IKF on raceday
2. Racers can only gain BRIGGS BUCKS from participation in Briggs-powered classes outlined above
2. Drivers must meet IKF eligibility requirements associated with Grand National events (punches or waivers)
3. Track must be IKF-insured for that event
4. All submitted information must be received by June 30th, 2014 deadline, at the IKF corporate office
5. Only one 4 cycle race per event can be applied towards earning a BRIGGS BONUS POINT
6. Drivers that have gained the title of “Expert”, within established IKF rules, are not eligible in this program
1. Compete in all possible IKF-sanctioned races, including club & regional events
2. IKF-sanctioned tracks will receive a BRIGGS BUCKS entry form & a simple outline to follow
3. The BRIGGS BUCKS document must be sent to IKF Corporate office
4. BRIGGS BONUS POINTS will be updated weekly
5. Racers with the highest number of verified entries, meeting the qualifiers above, will be awarded vouchers
7. Qualified participants with the most BRIGGS points will be awarded vouchers
8. Winners will be announced on IKF’s website, and be sent vouchers as outlined above
9. Tie-breaker: Awarded to racers with the highest regional entries for the 2014 racing season
IKF & Briggs has partnered in this program to promote participation at every level available to racers. Briggs & Stratton Director, David Klaus shared “It‟s exciting that we can be a part of racing at this high level, and excited to give back to the racers that support our products. „Road to the Nationals' is a way to a support our local and regional racers, a great organization, and their dreams of achieving one of the most treasured accomplishments in karting.....winning a DUFFY”. We at IKF are pleased to work with such a forward-thinking company, and look to promote more programs that are racer-friendly, with the backing from Briggs & Stratton Racing. This is a non-transferable award that can only be redeemed in 2014. Zero cash value