Tips & Requirements for attending IKF Region 6 NW GOLD CUP Sprint or Road Races

Posted: Mar 23, 2014

If you are attending an IKF Region 6 NW Gold Cup Road Race or Sprint Race the following items are required for registration that will start of your weekend on the right foot for both you and registration personnel.

  1.  IKF License required to be verified at registration.
  2.  Release form signature. All members in your pit are required to sign release forms at registration. You cannot sign for them.
  3. Minors releases if your child is attending. If you are bringing a relative minor or friends minor a release from the parents are required you can down load Minor release forms here:
  4.  If you are in charge of non immediate family mino, a notarized statement of power of attorney will work and is required. Here is a sample form that you can use:
  5. Know what classes you or your team members will be entering.
  6. Transponder number for your entry. Ensure that it is charged and ready. The Track or clubs are not responsible for your transponder. If you don’t have a transponder they may have some for rent.
  7. Cash, check or Credit Card. There may be a service fee for using a credit card.
  8. Just for good practice your health insurance information in case anything happens.
  9. If you do not have the proper creditials or required items. You more than likely will be asked to get your items and start all over again at the back of the line for registration.