NW GOLD CUP Champions at the Awards Banquet Updated

Posted: Oct 16, 2013

Plesae see the update awards winners we had missed a few by accident . Please let your fellow racers and freinds know of the changes so they can attend too. 2013 Northwest IKF Gold Cup Season Award Winners that will be recognized at the Gold Cup Banquet. Make sure you reserve your seat for the Banquet. 

Happy Hour 6:00 PM 


Dinner 7:00 PM 
Awards to follow Dinner 


$ 29.95 adult 12 and older
$ 14.95 children 4-11 years 
Includes all fees, taxes, and tips


Dinner reservations must RSVP by October 25th


Tickets are not sold at the door.
To get your Dinner reservations please send check, money order made out to NW KARTING or Credit card info 
Care of: Debbie Hettick
5127 215th St. SE
Woodinville, WA 98072
or 206-229-1994 

2013 IKF Region 6 Gold Cup Sprint Awards


ROTAX MICRO MAX                                                     JR 1 BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL HEAVY

1st Jordan Novota                                                            1St Cameron Raymond

2nd Trey Arnzen                                                              2nd Carson Kunz


MINI MAX                                                                     JR 1BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL HEAVY

1st Ellie Musgrave                                                           1st Cameron Raymond

2nd Tanner Mcquire                                                         2nd Carson Kunz


ROTAX JR                                                                    JR2 BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL

1st Adam Smalley                                                           1st Stafford Smith

2nd Spencer Kunz                                                           2nd Adam Smalley

                                                                                        3rd David Schorn


ROTAX SENIOR                                                           JR2 BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL HEAVY

1st Joe Miller                                                                  1st Stafford Smith

2nd Joey McGuire                                                           2nd David Schorn

3rd Myles Pederson                                                        3rd Adam Smalley


ROTAX MASTERS                                                        IKF BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA SUPER HEAVY

1st Tim Moss                                                                  1st Bryan Green

2nd Jonathan Brown

                                                                                    IKF BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA HEAVY

JR1 Briggs Gas Animal Light                                 1st Myles Pederson

1st Cameron Raymond                                                    2nd Bryan Green

2nd Carson Kunz                                                          3rd Justin Smalley


ICC Shifter                                                                   IKF BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA MEDIUM

1st Ricky Worley                                                              1st Myles Pederson


125 SHIFTER LIGHT                                                     BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL

1st Travis Henson                                                            1st Myles Pederson


                                                                                    BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL HEAVY

                                                                                    1ST Myles Pederson


2013 IKF Region 6 Gold Cup Road Race Awards


JR IKF WORLD FORMULA                                            IKF WORLD FORMULA MEDIUM

1st Jacob Gulick                                                             1st Bryan Green

2nd Cole Hegar

3rd Samatha Van Eaton                                                  IKF BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA HEAVY

                                                                                    1st Bryan Green


SUPER STOCK CR125                                      W/C SUPER STOCK CR125

1st Chris Hegar                                                               1st Mike Ray

2nd Bill Gulick                                                                 2nd Gene Bircher

3rd Scott Bolster                                                             3rd Chris Hegar

4th James Francis                                                           4th James Francis

5th Mike Ray                                                                 


SUPER STOCK CR125 HEAVY                          FORMULA 125

1st Gene Bircher                                                 1st Greg Asthon

2nd Scott bolster


TAG ENDURO                                                               80CC LAYDOWN

1st Jon Sullivan                                                               1st Blair Nelson

                                                                                    2nd Martha Morse

INTERCONTINENTAL E                                                3rd Charles Peake

1st Eric Johnston                                                            4th Rus Dyer

2nd Joseph Street

3rd Greg Cavouras



1st Joseph Street                                                            1st James Francis

2nd Eric Johnson                                                          2nd Greg Asthon

3rd Brian Gadbaugh

                                                                                    YAMAHA KT100S HEAVY

FORMULA 125 LIMITED HVY                                        1st Ken Anson

1st Gene Bircher                                                            2nd Martha Morse

2nd Greg Ashton                                                             3rd Rus Dyer



1st John Sullivan

2nd Blair Nelson

3rd Edward Alverson